DMC Hell

So my friends and I made a "DMC Hell" AMV awhile ago, but now it's finally finished up. There's some cute Dante/Nevan moments that I thought I'd share with the community. Checkit:

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Hi, everyone! Lamarre's here and she wishes you Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

That was an introduction, and now I'm coming to the point. Recently I finally managed to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show and was greatly impressed. So, I've got an idea. What do you think about writing/drawing Rocky Horror May Cry (Devil Picture Show)?
The cast may be following:

Brad and Janet - Sparda & Eva
Dr Frank - Mundus
Rocky - Nelo Angelo
Riff Raff - Arkham
Magenta - Nevan
Columbia - Lady
Eddie - Nero
Dr Scott - Arius
The criminologist - Dante

Waiting for your ideas, sincerely yours Lamarre
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C2 - Pretty Demon

I had time to kill waiting for class to start (I arrived deathly early): couldn't play music or write, so...

Here's the C2 for stories featuring Nevan. Includes N/D, S/N, shojo-ai, etc. The profile of the manager (which is new), contains links to stories, amvs and art, a lot of it from this group!

Pretty Demon

If you want to be staff let me know, if you have a story you want added ditto, or if you want me to add links to fic/art that aren't on to the profile.

I love C2s, they allow one to avoid having to wade through The Pit in search of the few stories you actually want to take a look at. I find them very useful in my other fandom, which may be why I'm involved with so many in this one. Plus I have a thing about being organized.
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Drabbles and Fic

Remember the Nevan/Various series Wages of Sin I posted about before? I just did the final, actually D/N chapter of the collection.

Also, I posted five Dante/Nevan drabbles today as well in the Guitar Riffs collection here. I hope you enjoy them.

Also, this community still needs a better layout and community icon! Do we have any graphic designers in the group? I did the current ones, and as you can see they're not expertly done.

DMC Project!

Hey guys! I have an idea.

I'm sure everybody and their mother knows about AMV Hell, so I guess I don't have to go into detail about what it is.

Well I was thinking, since me, Tana, Nel and HeirofSparda make crazy ass DMC music videos/funny videos all the time, why don't we make a DMC Hell?

It could be a cool little project/collaboration. We'll use crazy audio/music, make the characters dance or lipsync to it, or do something wild, and then post it here on Youtube for God and everyone to see.

What do you guys think?

Reply if you're interested/plan on contributing!
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[Fic] Wages of Sin

Author: laryna6
Rating: M
Pairing: Past Nevan/Alastor, Sparda, Vergil, present Nevan/Dante.
A/N: This will be a four-part series written for my Devil May Cry General Series claim at alphabetasoup. Hopefully it's not just a rewrite of Lullabye's preface... Only the first part is up now, but there's plenty of hints at N/D, and it will be updated weekly on Fridays.

The wages of sin are power are corruption are decadence.

It's nice that this group's becoming more active!
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